1. NAACL’21
    Domain Divergences: a Survey and Empirical Analysis
    Abhinav, Ramesh Kashyap, Devamanyu, Hazarika, Min-Yen, Kan, and Roger, Zimmermann
  2. AdaptNLP@EACL
    Analyzing the Domain Robustness of Pretrained Language Models, Layer by Layer
    Ramesh Kashyap, Abhinav, Mehnaz, Laiba, Malik, Bhavitvya, Waheed, Abdul, Hazarika, Devamanyu, Kan, Min-Yen, and Shah, Rajiv Ratn
    In Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Domain Adaptation for NLP 2021


    SciWING– A Software Toolkit for Scientific Document Processing
    Ramesh Kashyap, Abhinav, and Kan, Min-Yen
    In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing 2020
  2. DocEng
    ServiceMarq: Extracting Service Contributions from Call for Papers
    Tian, Shi, Kashyap, Abhinav Ramesh, and Kan, Min-Yen
    In Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2020 2020


  1. TOIT
    CloseUp - A Community-Driven Live Online Search Engine
    Weth, Christian Von Der, Abdul, Ashraf, Kashyap, Abhinav R, and Kankanhalli, Mohan
    ACM Transactions on Internet Technology (TOIT) 2019


  1. WebSci
    EPICURE - Aspect-Based Multimodal Review Summarization
    Ramesh Kashyap, Abhinav, Weth, Christian, Cheng, Zhiyong, and Kankanhalli, Mohan
    In Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Web Science 2018